Lekki Massacre: Who Gave The Order? Fredrick Nwabufo


The roads of Nigeria are flowing with the blood of blameless people felled by blameworthy slugs of state operators. The Nigerian banner has diverted red from being a wipe absorbing the living liquid of innocuous residents who imagined that the killers would regard the image of the country and extra their lives.

The assortments of residents are broken, littering the rear entryways. Youthful Nigerians who just wandered out with only the banner, their clench hand and voice to challenge police mercilessness became casualties of the savagery they are battling against.

Who provided the request for the executing of in any event seven residents at Lekki and the damaging of different dissidents whose lone offense is to request a conclusion to police ruthlessness? Who provided the request for the bleeding attack on helpless Nigerians who are just requesting acceptable administration? Who provided the request for the cameras and lights at Lekki tollbooth, where the nonconformists met, to be eliminated in front of the butcher?

Babajide Sanwo-Olu, legislative head of Lagos, the focal point of the executions, has denied culpability. As indicated by him, powers past his ken dispatched the lethal brutality in the state he directs.

The lead representative stated: ”This is the hardest evening of our lives as powers past our immediate control have moved to make dull notes in our set of experiences, however we will confront it and come out more grounded.”

Yet, is this not a confirmation of inadequacy and a demonstration of abandonment of duty? The essential duty of the state lead representative is to secure the lives and property of his residents. For what reason did he not raise the alert on the approaching fate? For what reason did he give up his state to ”powers past his immediate control”?

Indeed, because, Sanwo-Olu’s complicity can’t be limited, the request for the martyring of residents at Lekki tollbooth exudes from the most elevated openings of government. The request sprouts from Aso Rock. It originates from the person who is the president of the military. President Buhari provided the request! The military and the police are his to order alone; no one not so much as a lead representative, debates these forces with him.

Buhari provided the request!

Nigerians had railed against the president’s choice to post troopers into the roads cross country in the midst of the EndSARS fights, however the president was resolved – demanding conveying savage power against a common activity. The military’s ‘Activity Crocodile Smile’ commenced on Tuesday – and just in its first day, there are now regular citizen causalities the nation over.

Buhari’s hands have been made messy by the blood of the blameless people. The murdering of residents just practicing their unavoidable rights is on him. He can’t wash himself off this tar regardless of whether he utilizes hyssop. History has observed this day, and the spot of Buhari in it is now made sure about as the head of one of the most fierce and clumsy systems in Nigeria.

The Nigerian state under Buhari has been molded into an arena of persecution and suppression. The Buhari system just fails to measure up to the Abacha junta. Life has retreated to turning out to be ”single, poor, frightful, brutish and short” in Buhari’s Nigeria. The system has raised viciousness above request, and fiendish divinations above morals, standards and sound judgment.

The Buhari system is one which purposely makes political agitation to smother disagree. It has figuratively set up a ‘Public Thug Corps’ (NTC) for the release of unsanitary state obligations. The NTC is the semi security arm of the system. They are consistently on hold; fit to be conveyed for pandemonium. They get away from responsibility, distinguishing proof, shock and culpability. This is the reason they are sent when police clampdowns will mix a tempest. We have perceived how they were conveyed in Abuja and Lagos.

In Abuja, security specialists were giving spread to gangsters and desperados as they released assaults on nonconformists and different residents. A portion of these desperados were freighted from neighboring states to the country’s capital. In any event, five residents have been murdered by these state-supported vermin in the FCT. This is all in light of the fact that the president is sketchy about residents’ capacity; he is more worried about making sure about his seat than the lives of Nigerians. Along these lines, he conveys specialists of death and political agitation to hack down nonconformists and instigate turmoil in order to secure his fundamentalist grasp on the state.

Truly, if the president has any honor left in him; he should leave now and hand himself to the International Criminal Court (ICC) for indictment over violations against humankind.

Buhari must record for the murdering of nonconformists in the FCT, Lagos, Kano, Jos, Edo, Ondo, and somewhere else in the nation.

His hands are messy.

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